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i was a victim of the money pak scam, while i only lost 300.00, the time i wasted talking and emailing moneypak and fixing my computer was time i will never get back. I have contacted the BBB, FTC, my local police department, the FBI..I know for some people out there moneypak is needed, but its my goal that no one else has to go through this..

i have also sent emails to my local tv stations about this..

i am telling everyone i know not to use moneypak for anything. Hopefully all this *** that we have to put up with in terms of moneyapk will give them a bad reputation and force changes with them..highky doubtful, but from what i have seen so far, they are the most inept and non-caring company

Product or Service Mentioned: Green Dot Moneypak Prepaid Card.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Dallas, Texas, United States #994722

I was a victim just the other day by a facebook scam, but mines was to money gram $300 and Lou will send $3000 back for me to pick up and then send him $800 and I can keep $200. I have tried everything that you have tried and it shows me and also tells me that the Cops nor does anyone care about this matter. This is a sad world that we leave in

Sacramento, California, United States #872780

My name is Alicia I don't have a Facebook or whatever this site is .. But I did lose 120$ dollars trying that greendot card and someone telling me they would add zeros to it !

I feel so dumb and depressed no car and no more phone all be cause I thought I would make some quick money . Turns out they just took my money ! There are numerous Instagram and Facebook accounts that are scams !

So do not do it ! Most likely u can tell cause they use the same digits and pictures on there networks .


I just lost 200$ to this smh


i dont get it , how are they able to steal your money with the numbers off the back of the card? like where do they put those numbers at to get the money? because if greendot wants to verify the name , address , and social in order to process it then theres no way you can steal the money from the card.

to anonymous Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #849602

Because they have the Visa card that goes with any of the MoneyPak cards and they just put in the number on the back of your card into an internet source and your money is transferred to their visa card and your out of luck.

to anonymous #853671

Most of the hackers or scammers are black/africans/americanafricans/slaves/or ***..they have to get rid of them

Norfolk, Virginia, United States #828522

Yes because I just got scam for 400 I'm so mad man I need to pay my rent

Fredericksburg, Virginia, United States #828466

Partylifekish on ig is also a scam .her kik name is strictlybusinesslexx. Her partner bigguccilogan on ig.

His kik name is cm_logan. They are in chicago .walmart moneygram scam.

to denver #845952

Hi! Do u know someone personally who got scammed by her?


Exposing ALL Istagram pages that do this.





@jasonfreebands @beengoinstrong @flip_yourbands @atmkee__ (actually asking for debit card information!!) @reupyourmoney @stackeduposs @getting__guap @moneyakinladieee @grandstobands60 @moneymakincito @the_money_center1 @flipstackz300 @carlospaid_ ...the list goes on. Watched my friend get scammed into this and I was ready to do it too if it worked (which it didn't).

These people need to be stopped. I also should've known better since I'm in college and I usually do my research on sketchy stuff. You win some, you lose some.

This chick's number was 501-215-5578 btw. Her page is deleted.

to Anonymous #955007

Also dee.countingup he is a scammer too and he uses the netspend reload it money pack his kik is money motivated_d and one of his fake numbers is (707)672-7868 watch out they WILL take your money and run!


How can you idiots get mad u got scammed for giving your info out? As if you wasnt trying to get over on the system and get free money but instead got robbed!

Wtf would anyone trust someone with their money? If you believed u would get 2000 from 200 you are dumb as *** and thats what u get

to Anonymous #837566

What kills me is if it was real, it would still be ILLEGAL!!!. Yall folks have that hood mentality.

Thinking they can get the so called hookup. No common sense at all. You will never get the hook up. Either get a better paying, go to college, or ask your family for help.

This is America. Better wake up


I just payed a fee too....im so mad at myself cuz rite now i took a 200 dollar lost n didnt think to gt on,here frm da jump n dey wanted 300 more dollar to gt 7,700 the man say hav da money in da moring he just dnt kno i,kno wasup now. I feel so dum i took frm me n,my son wish i cn gt dey *** n da morin no i cnt gt my money back


i just pay fee for the loan that was scam usapaydayloan...i loss 700 for that..how can i get my money back


You guys are idiots, if you don't give out your acct# you can't get scammed. Stop blaming the card companies for being gullible and giving out your info for whatever reason.


Well know they are on instagram doing the same thing of course it's a scam, how are they going to just add a zero to the account. If it wasn't a scam then why don't they add zeros to there own money pak card and get rich. SMH

Little Rock, Arkansas, United States #713123

I just used 850 dollars to pay for a loan over the phone

Ardmore, Oklahoma, United States #705543

i was just scammed using a green dot card for a loan 150.00 their kittle catch was to verify my self meaning for them to check my credit then they asked me to send them 180.00 for the loan transaction the are scammers DO NOT USE MONEYPAK they will steal your money

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #698401

I was scammed over the weekend! This is ***!

To anyone listening out there DO NOT USE GREEN DOT MONEYPAK. I went into a local Kroger here in Georgia and one of the senseless cashiers helped me to load $250 onto the MoneyPak card. I called the store and told them when I tried to load the money onto my prepaid card it told me that the card was invalid. The store manager then proceeeded to tell me that they had pulled all of those cards from their store and were no longer allowed to sell them due to the fraudelent activity on them.

He was surprised that they were back in his store and told me someone keeps placing them in their store. I asked why there was no sign or why his cashiers were clueless on this. He had no answer. I then called Green Dot's customer service and they are HORRIBLE.

Told me it would take 10 business days to just investigate and not even sure I will get my money back. Are you morons serious?

I will not give up until I get my money back. I will sue the pants off of both Kroger and Green Dot....CLASS ACTION SUIT On it's way!!!!!!!!

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