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Today Nov. 16, 2014 I purchased a green dot card and loaded with $100.00.

I will be leaving early in the morning, and need this card for my trip. I went on line and filled out the form. A few minutes latter I logged in to see that my info was posted. Got a message that they were having problems with computers and to login after 20 minutes.

same message came up over and over.

Finally after several attempts I reached someone and was told that they couldn't verify me. No one can give me any answers. Other than I won't be able to reload this card or be issued the personalized card.

My main concern is I won't be able to get use of my money. I bought this card through Walmart and am very sad to see Walmart would lower themselves to these standards.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Just want some one to email me with answer as why I was declined.

I didn't like: No one could give me answer.

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Same thing, I had to put in my ss# and they said it didn't match my name or the info I had on there. I did this twice!


they did the same to me. Or better yet they said they froze my account because of a refund from my Dental office


Ive been using green dot money pak for about two years its easier to send mony now today it says unable to verify personal information yet I sent a copy front and back of my ID and ive been using it what's up money pak?

to Manuel Acosta #1501698

Same here and moneypak doesnt have live customer service.


what is going on with Moneypac and Greendot. I have tried to get a card but said they can't verify my Identificaiton?


My boyfriend had a card with green dot for 4years. And recently some overseas company started withdrawing money with out consent they started by pulling off $2 then $10 then $200 then $300 until his paycheck was gone he filed a dispute green dot said it would be 10 to 15 days before they would have a result they sent him a new card then blocked it and turned away his direct deposit they requested that he send a copy of his photo id to verify.

Then after uploading a copy they tried to tell him it doesn't match their records. We are completely pissed not only did we find out someone stole over $700 from us but he is not able to cash paper checks at Walmart or any bank affiliated with green dot Walmart referred him to a 1800 number where they are requesting 3forms of id and a copy of his social it will cost $25 and may take 6months to resolve if it does get resolved we are looking for an attorney I will never recommend this company they are a bunch of non English speaking crooks I hope whoever did this gets what's coming to them I will also be contacting the FDIC and FTC and report to better business bureau get ready to pay green dot !!!

to Annomus #1496699

Where did he upload his photo at


1-866-652-4611 Ext. 3690


I was told to upload my license now they didn't accept it and want to keep my money on my prepaid card they originally had a block on my card for no reason now they have closed it and kept my money

to Creola #1495594

Did you get your money yet?


I cant log in ... I received over 2k in money from customers on money pak because i thought they were back. now, after going thru verification process twice, the program simply locks me out saying wrong username and password!


me too


Loaded $300.00! Guess I should have done my *** research! {{Redacted}}


Same thing happened to me and it really pissed me off! I will never buy another one of their cards and I am going to tell the world what *** they are. When I asked for help, they were rude, even the recorded dummies were rude.

to Anonymous #1447157

I that's what I'm trying to do these greedy *** people just want to take advantage of us


what the *** who else would walk 4miles hand over200.00 get a piece of plastic try too use it u block me u no i gave same info a year ago look at u files you really *** me and i will file law suit u *** *** im goinh too steel your cards from every store i see. u wont be. delling too many n my town i would rather go to jail for burning your cards for steeling than too not do nothing by the way *** you you ***


I can't verfiy my card I received in the mail


626-765-2000 live person

to Anonymous #1499909

GREENDOT has terrible customer service


Horrible card don't get it customer service the worse will never use again still won't give me my money

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