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Today Nov.16, 2014 I purchased a green dot card and loaded with $100.00.

I will be leaving early in the morning, and need this card for my trip. I went on line and filled out the form. A few minutes latter I logged in to see that my info was posted. Got a message that they were having problems with computers and to login after 20 minutes.

same message came up over and over.

Finally after several attempts I reached someone and was told that they couldn't verify me. No one can give me any answers. Other than I won't be able to reload this card or be issued the personalized card.

My main concern is I won't be able to get use of my money.I bought this card through Walmart and am very sad to see Walmart would lower themselves to these standards.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Just want some one to email me with answer as why I was declined.

I didn't like: No one could give me answer.

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1-866-652-4611 Ext. 3690


I was told to upload my license now they didn't accept it and want to keep my money on my prepaid card they originally had a block on my card for no reason now they have closed it and kept my money


I cant log in ... I received over 2k in money from customers on money pak because i thought they were back. now, after going thru verification process twice, the program simply locks me out saying wrong username and password!


me too


Loaded $300.00! Guess I should have done my *** research! {{Redacted}}


Same thing happened to me and it really pissed me off! I will never buy another one of their cards and I am going to tell the world what *** they are. When I asked for help, they were rude, even the recorded dummies were rude.

to Anonymous #1447157

I that's what I'm trying to do these greedy *** people just want to take advantage of us


what the *** who else would walk 4miles hand over200.00 get a piece of plastic try too use it u block me u no i gave same info a year ago look at u files you really *** me and i will file law suit u *** *** im goinh too steel your cards from every store i see. u wont be. delling too many n my town i would rather go to jail for burning your cards for steeling than too not do nothing by the way *** you you ***


I can't verfiy my card I received in the mail


626-765-2000 live person


Horrible card don't get it customer service the worse will never use again still won't give me my money


I purchased a Greendot for $500 dllrs at Walmart on August 2017, it is now December, 29, 2017 and haven’t received a refund check.Online site would not let me active the card.

So I talked to someone live and activated the card. I went to amazon to make some purchases only to have the transactions declined. I called Greendot at ‭(626) 765-2000‬ only to be told that they can’t verify me that my SSN doesn’t match, which is bizarr as I only have one. Anyhow therefore all my transactions getting denied and according to customer service I can only make in-store purchases, so I asked them to cancel the card and issue me a refund check.

It’s been 4 months and several canceled checks later and still no check. Each time I get told a check is on the way and the previous one canceled bc it may be lost. A couple days ago another supervisor tells me that there’s no way a check can get sent to me with out receipt verification and so on and to submit receipt, and copy of card to RR@greendot.com and they will answer me in 24 hrs.

We’ll see what comes of that.

So for the past 4 months that they kept saying “in 2 weeks you will get your check” it was all lies!Specially the time prior to this one where they said “check has been canceled but a new one is on the way but send us a copy of ur receipt by email” which I did and no reply, and this last time when I called - they said they never got an email and nothing is attached to my account.

Mind you - it takes me 45-60 mins to get a supervisor on the phone to help me bc for the first 45 minutes they tell me they “can’t provide any info as my ssn don’t match the one in their system.

Anyone having this problem?


For a live person call ‭at Green dot (626) 765-2000‬


Just don't even bother with green dot


Same problem here... i can verify customer service s*cks


I loaded $500 to my greendot Visa card n it was for my rent I had my identity stolen August 2017 had t cancelled out major cards now by me having my green dot t load the money on I felt secured I been sending my picture of my Ls front n back I can’t get any one t help me it’s almost another month it’s the holidays I would thought that atlease some one would help me by now like it’s emergency for me n my kids I been at y’all for days n can’t talk t no one


as a side note from disgruntled and disappointed I recommend that we all boycott the Visa debit GreenDot Platinum cards or gold cards all of them boycott them don't use them if enough of us join forces we can make a dent in these *** accounts.Show them that we pay their way.

And that we control their accounts. Enough is enough.

Boycott the visa greendot platinum card.Too many problems..too little done.


I finally received my GreenDot platinum card in the mail that I ordered two weeks ago and get this it tells me it can't verify who I.has anybody else had this problem with this GreenDot that Steve Harvey sponsors not working.?!

It seems like a big waste of my *** time if this thing isn't going to recognize that who I am even though I'm saying federal law states that they have to verify my identification but their database has not been updated apparently to include people born in 1975. I mean what the ***. makes me wish that these debit card things that never been created if they're not going to work this much I mean you'll take our money but you won't give us access to the cards and no one seems to give a *** to fix the odds and ends when things go wrong.

If there's one message I can ask a question I have is how could mr.

Harvey put his name on a product that clearly has glitches that are not being addressed.I hope and pray that he reads this and takes the steps necessary to fix this I don't like credit cards I was hoping this would be a way for me to avoid getting one to pay with cash but digital but I can say that's not going to happen.

So thank you Visa Platinum debit card for caring more about your wallet instead of mine.

Have a nice day I know I won't.


Happened to be took the green dot card bought a vanilla gift card and was able to make the purchase I needed


Yeah I agree I've been dealing with the same issue and is ***

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