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Secure greendot moneypak login

When i set up my secure moneypak login i accidentally put instead of so i put 16 instead of 17 and now i cant access my secure moneypak login to load funds so how can i correct my email so that i can get into my login to load my moneypak?


My account can't get in

I have locked myself out of my account. I need to add 2 moneypak cards to my greedot card.

I use this for my business and it is crucial I get in my account.

I have forgotten moneypak login and password please help. My boss is having a fit


I got moneypak 3days ago..Ilmoneypak do not workPlz..tell me what to doMy phone# 7142482456


Is this for real?!

I can't believe SO MANY people are getting their money straight stolen from them with MoneyPak /GreenDot getting away with it without having to face any repercussions. I loaded $200 onto one and every time I try to reload it says MoneyPak # is invalid".

I'm putting the numbers in correctly and didn't give out the number to anyone at all.

There is NO customer service line. Green Dot says it's a separate ]op


stolen reload cards

i purchased 2 reload cards for my children for christmas and before i sent them i had some items stolen from my vehicle, including these cards. i just found my receipts for the reload purchase and wanted to know if i could stop payment and get get a refund. i don't have a moneypak account and don;t know how to get in touch with a speaking person


Moneypak card

I bought a money Pak in the amount of 50.00,I tried to load it to my card it says it's already been used, I never used it the store will not help me what do I do I have the receipt and the card


My money

I put 25 on a money pack card and when I went to load it saids invalidate why


Notification of transfer

I have not received notification that the transfer took place I read I would receive an email in 30 minutes to complete the transaction. I have not received anything from MoneyPak. I thought this was supposed to be easy.



Loaded two humdred on green dot card did not show up was on Saturday night


Moneypac load

I am trying to load the moneypak on my card it won't let me make an account on line there is no number to talk to a customer service representative please help


I have tried to secure log in it wont work i need gelp


invalid moneypak cards

Why is the moneypak cards I've purchased saying invalid I purchased two cards worth a hundred dollars a peice


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