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Notification of transfer

I have not received notification that the transfer took place I read I would receive an email in 30 minutes to complete the transaction. I have not received anything from MoneyPak. I thought this was supposed to be easy.



Loaded two humdred on green dot card did not show up was on Saturday night


Moneypac load

I am trying to load the moneypak on my card it won't let me make an account on line there is no number to talk to a customer service representative please help


I have tried to secure log in it wont work i need gelp


invalid moneypak cards

Why is the moneypak cards I've purchased saying invalid I purchased two cards worth a hundred dollars a peice


live customer service

I have to speak to a live customer service rep about these cards.I do not quite understand how to work them because I only have limited time left since I purchased them on August 26 2017.

If I could get a phone number that would be great.Thanks


Moneypak reload card will not load

My brother purchased me a $200 Moneypak from Walgreens in Tacoma,WA. I have tried to load it and it states that is invalid. I have the information from the store receipt and anything else that might be needed to resolve this issue.


Wait time

I am waiting for my personalized card to come in the mail, but my brother from out of state sent me a $200 moneypak reload card.How long can the money sit on the moneypak card?

Will it still be on there in 7-10 business days?Neither if us can afford to be out the money...


how do I call customer service to find out about a 500$ Mo ey Pak that wasn't posted on my card yet


Hiq do i k ow what reload card has what amount


I bought a moneypack and it saying invalid


Mine is too. How did you get it resolved?


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