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Follow-up to my March 2018 review of MoneyPak: they answered my complaint in 3 days that they could not refund my $1000 after I had paid cash to the QFC grocery store for the MoneyPak coupon and given the code on the coupon to the scammers, even though the cash was still sitting in the QFC cash register.

It's insane, illegal and corrupt when MoneyPak and QFC simply help scammers use their companies to make money when they can make money themselves on the transaction. They are willing and knowing co-conspirators in helping the scammers make money when either one of them could easily have stopped the scam that I discover about 30 minutes after giving QFC the code on the coupon and given the scammers (apparently from Russia or Ukraine per QFC!) the MoneyPak code by phone.

VERY DISTURBING THAT THAT PUBLICLY LISTED COMPANIES GREEN DOT (owns MoneyPak) and QFC are helping criminals to make money and help scam innocent people like me loose $1000!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Green Dot Moneypak Prepaid Card.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I am in the same predicament, even though it didn't call anyone or talk to anyone and my code wasn't scratched off on the back of the card or anything. it's incredible that this company is allowed to continue to function as a legitamite company. mind-boggling.

to FunctionalChameleon #1467731

Yes, we should all contact our state AG, SEC, etc. to stop these companies from helping fraud being committed on us.

to 74609625 #1479695

Good luck! You wil find that you can speak with onbudsmans, AG offices, The comptroller if the currency, and at the end of the day, what you will find is that there is NO agency that has actual AUTHORITY over banking institutions!

They will take the complaint, but they CANNOT DO ANYTHING if a bank chooses to screw You out of your money! It’s absolutely corrupt and controlled!

The only solution, is get away from fiat, use bitcoin, monero, etc, get off the dependence on a private debt based currency! Because it won’t change in this system!

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