My 14 year old child put his birthday money on this Green Dot Moneypak. We called the 800 number to find out how to use this MoneyPak.

After we were on hold for an extremely long time, we were told to call the same number and a different extension. We were unable to receive assistance to guide us through this process to use this Green Dot MoneyPak.

Per MoneyPak my son's money was missing in action 8 minutes after he purchased this card and they are unwilling to tell us where his money went. I was told to call the police department, but MoneyPak did not give us any information to report to the police department.

The supervisor refused to give us any transaction information as to where my son's money went, which is helpful to report this scam to the police. Customer service, something is wrong when a company loads your money on this MoneyPak and are able to trace where these funds went and is unwilling to give you this pertinent information. This company scammed my child and by reviewing various websites, unfortunately we are not along, many others have lost their money. I will also contact BBB and other advocates to alert consumers about these extreme scammers.

Very disappointed and I will continue to share this for others to hopefully prevent them from using MoneyPak and losing their hard earned money. When you are 14 this is a lot of money. I tried to assist my son in retrieive his birthday money, so I contacted the police department and I was told that I needed a transaction report to show where this money went. I tried to contact MoneyPak again, but their terrible customer service line continued to disconnect my call.

This account is showing a zero balanceI took my receipt to Walgreens to find out what happened to this money, along with my receipt. Walgreens contacted Green Dot MoneyPak.

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Green Dot Corporation
Pasadena, California, United States #741871

The Green Dot MoneyPak is not a gift card and is not intended to be used by minors. MoneyPak works as a “cash top-up card” that consumers can use to reload prepaid debit cards, add money to their PayPal account, or make same-day payments to approved MoneyPak partners.

Green Dot is committed to educating consumers about how to avoid being victims of scams and we work closely with law enforcement to help enhance these efforts. A fraud warning is included on the MoneyPak package and information on protecting yourself from fraud, including common scams, is available on the MoneyPak website. When using MoneyPak, consumers should first verify the recipient is on the list of approved partner companies listed on the MoneyPak website, and never provide MoneyPak information to an individual person requesting it as a form of payment. MoneyPaks are to be treated like cash and we are not able to guarantee a refund of a used MoneyPak.

We will assist in cases of potential fraud and will do our best to recover funds. If you wish to have your local law enforcement agency investigate a MoneyPak, please have them contact us directly.

If you started a claim, please send any requested documents so we can investigate. If you have not started a claim to find your MoneyPak, please send an email with your name, phone number and a brief description of your issue to Customer.Advocacy@greendot.com, so we can assist you.

Columbia, Kentucky, United States #741694

Why you would allow a child to put money on some sort of card instead of opening up a bank account is beyond my comprehension. Time to show him how to use a bank or credit union instead of a credit card.

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