Not getting what I paid for. No phone number given to talk to live rep. Corporate phone system run around.

Bought card several days ago. Greendots system will not let me registrar it, either by computer or phone. And now I'm wasting my time trying to either get it activated, or get all my money back. I received a call and email from a girl I India, but I missed it, she asked me when is the best time to call. I replied you can call me now. I am waiting-- note--no contact number was given me.

Yes a law suit is definetly needed. I would include the corporation that sold it to me as we'll ( Von's ), and all others that are a part of this ***-job. It has to go before a jury, as corporations have been stacking the deck in their favor for all across the country.

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Green Dot Corporation
Pasadena, California, United States #877208

If you purchased a MoneyPak, the card is used for reloading and making payments with approved partners found on the MoneyPak website. You don't need to register the card to use it.

If you need help with your MoneyPak, please visit https://www.moneypak.com/Help.aspx.

You can also find a link to request a refund, if this was not the product you intended to purchase. -Green Dot


I went to the website and apparently you can request a refund on it. https://www.moneypak.com/RefundRequest.aspx I would go to the website and see what else you can do.

Maybe click the help button. I don't work for moneypak but I hope this helps hon.

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