My husband was the victim of the IRS/MoneyPak scam. He purchased $9,500 in MoneyPak cards to pay "back taxes" so our assets would not be frozen. He drove to the local IRS office and they told him it was fraud. Fortunately, he did NOT give the PIN numbers to anyone.

The next step was to try to recover our funds.

I read nothing but horror stories and how people were given the "run around" with Green Dot. I was sick. I knew we lost our money after I realized there were approximately 1,000 complaints at the BBB on this organization.

As with the other reviewers, I could not get into touch with Green Dot, as the only numbers I had were for automated numbers.

I went to the Rite-Aid my husband purchased the MP cards from. The Manager gave me two important pieces of information: 1-The toll free number to GD for Retailer Support, and 2-A print out of all of the MP transactions the cash register submitted to GD. (This was validation the funds did go to GD and it had a "transaction" number that matched the "transaction" number on the cash receipts that were given to my husband upon purchase of the MPs.

I contacted GD with what had happened. Their primary concern was whether the PINS were given out. They weren't. There was a "Block" put on all of the cards due to the large purchase for fraud reasons. This actually helped us. I had to give the PIN numbers to the Customer Service Manager at GD for verification the funds were there and to "Unblock" the funds. I was very concerned, but had to do this to attempt to get my money back.

In addition to this, I provided substantial documentation to their investigation team: 1. The printout the Manager gave me showing the transactions. 2. ALL cash receipts. 3. A front and back copy of the MPs and 4. A copy of the police report.

Their digital fax machines do not receive paperwork easily, as I invested about 6 hours to refaxing. I was frustrated and had a GD Manager stay on the phone to ensure he received all of my documentation.

With this documentation, they unblocked my cards within 24 hours.

I then called back to process a refund for all 19 cards which totaled right at $9,500.00

I called back within two days, and all cards were processed and "in the mail."

Due to the non-reliability of the USPS, I was concerned. Especially since GD did not give out any tracking information.

Believe it or not, within about 5 days, I had all 19 checks!!! Not one went missing. They came on two days, one day apart.

I wanted to share my story to give others that may go through this a more positive perception of GD.

The key is to have thorough documentation and constant communication.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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