I was behind in my car insurance it was due to laps so I had to hurry up and make a payment. I went out grabbed a money pack and reloadable card.

Within 30 minutes later as I was trying to apply the funds via the internet I was informed that my money pack was invalid. I immediately called, and filed a dispute.I was asked to provide a copy of the Money pack, and the receipt which I faxed to them on the same day. They told me I would have a resolution within 5 business days. Well I waited, and waited until the 8th business day I called to find out my dispute was still unresolved.

They would need 10 business days. I became irritated instantly due to the customer service aspect( I wasnt informed of the extra time needed, and the reps are very RUDE, and unempathetic). Finally on the 11th business day I was informed that the company couldnt do anyting to assist me further because I gave my money pack number to someone to claim a prise... What the ***?

I want to know where did they get that from for one, and two My whole intention was to pay my car insurance why would I buy a money pack to claim a prise? I'm a single father who doesnt have any money to spare. If I needed to claim a prise with paying money YOU CAN KEEP THAT PRISE... I emailed the CEO of the company Steve Streit who hasnt reached out to me.

This is a bad company..

I will be posting this on all of my social media sites, Twitter, Facebook, etc. I have also contacted my local newstation, and local police department.

Product or Service Mentioned: Green Dot Moneypak Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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