Sebeka, Minnesota
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They currently have my money because they claim I can not be verified. I've talked to multiple people at greendot (who are not helpful just keep repeating "I'm sorry there is nothing I can do) and at the place where my money was suppose to have gone and they say greendot never tried to verify me.

Now greendot is refunding my money by mail, which I wasn't told was going to happen until they did it. Even though it is a reloadable card they will not reload it.

Now my money is tied up for 7-10 business days until they can send me a check. NEVER use them!

Monetary Loss: $115.

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I was frauded out of 460.00 trying to get a loan the so called company is GE capital and they will not return my money


As a happy consumer, I'm so sad to wrote them the below email.

I hope Green Dot will respond soon.

"Dear Green Dot,

I’m very sorry to write to you about my disappointment over a $500 cash initial upload after purchasing the credit card at the Duanereade. If I don't have this resolved immediately, I'll sue,and I know who is your agent for SOP is and that I’m prepared to sue if necessary.

To cut the story short, I registered my card over the phone and due to technical issue the phone automatic system suggested that I register online, which is I did. And was happy to use the card, unfortunately after 2 transactions, my card was blocked.

I wasn’t able to speak to the authority who can fix my issue and I already faxed all the documents are requested such as, driving licence, social security, receipt of purchase and credit card copy. Even thought I find it very disturbing to giving up my identity for a non banking institute due to my pass identity being fraud as the customer service told me this is the only way to resolve my issue even thought it is for refund. And yet, you are blocking my money for no reason.

Each time I called and the customer service told me to wait for another 2 days to hear back for calls but unfortunately many 2 days had gone by and I hear nothing from the customer service even thought I requested a manager to call me back.

Please unblocked my card immediately and I believe you wouldn’t want to bring this matter to Small Claims Court."

Chicago, Illinois, United States #592942

Federal law does not require you to obtain and maintain customer information. ITS A PREPAID CARD.

As in no credit required.

Every other prepaid card does not ask for this information. The card I bought as a gift for someone "failed verification" because I put in 555-5555 as my phone number since I don't want their scam calls.


What a big joke THis needs to be stopped I pay money CASH

and then I find out that I will get a monthly charge when all I wanted was to transfer money into paypal....... DO NOT BUY A GREENDOT

goofy card


My account does not have a negative history. For you to even assume that frustrates me.

I have no idea why you could not verify my account, the place I was trying to send money has no idea why you could not verify my account.

Your customer service department needs some trying, they failed to explain things fully to me until there was nothing anyone could do, then all I got was Oops, sorry I can't do anything for you. I have NEVER take a poor customer serivce complaint to the internet, but your company has frustrated me like no other.

Green Dot Corporation

We apologize for the experience. Federal law requires us to obtain, verify and record information that identifies customers before they register a card.

This includes your name, address, date of birth, Social Security number and other information. If we are unable to verify your information or the information you provided matches information to an account with previous negative history, we would not be able to register a personalized reloadable debit card.

In most cases when we can’t verify the information provided, we will send a refund check and the timeframe to receive it is 7-10 business days. For more information on our products or services visit our website at


I am hiring a lawyer to sue them too.

Contact me.. M.la68 (at)

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