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Update by user May 25, 2011

I FINALLY got this resolved today and got my full refund!!! What was explained to me is that the card I received had been tampered with prior to my getting it.

If ever anyone else comes across a problem similar to mine here\'s what to do. Don\'t call customer support they will only put you off every two days with no results.

But do call the Senior Supervisors 866-652-4611 (corporate office for Greendot) they will get on it A.S.A.P. hours of operation is from 9a to 9p EST TIME Monday - Friday.

Original review posted by user May 23, 2011

On May 15, 2011 I went to Walgreen's on 23 S. Marietta Parkway, Marietta, GA I purchased a Greendot Card for 4.95 and loaded $200.00 on it. When I got home I tried to load my card onto my debit card and I kept getting insufficient funds. I immediately called your company Greendot and was told that I needed to fax my receipt, greendot card (showing the scratched off side) and my debit card I tried to load to 626-739-2059 I was then told to wait for up to 2 business days before I'd get a response. I also went to Walgreen's to try and get this resolved and there was nothing they could do but refer me back to Greendot. Two days later I noticed how late it was getting and I called back. I was told that my fax was never received, and I had to resend to fax number 626-739-2057 I waited on the phone with the representative to make sure they received my fax. The person I spoke to was Leah around 9:36a.m. They did confirm it and told me again it will be up to two business days before I would get a response and my money back. I asked why would it take so long I was told that the money was loaded to someone else's debit card this is why it would take so long. Two business days later on May 19 I am told it's still under investigation and a Senior Advisor will contact me on Monday between the hours of 9a.m. and 5p.m. It is now May 23, 2011 I've just got off the phone with Igor yet another customer service representative and he's telling the same thing that I've been hearing since last Sunday May 15, 2011.

I just want my $200.00 this is totally unfair and unethical.

I just sent an email to: custcareref@greendotcorp.com (just found this email on this forum) hopefully this will be resolved in my favor TODAY!!!

Monetary Loss: $200.

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You gave a phone number but it also wants you to enter in the ext. of the person you are needing to speak with so what ext. did you enter sir?

North Royalton, Ohio, United States #1200099

500.00 was stolen from my account, no one will reply I can't get through on the automated system to find out if they got my dispute form I emailed, have to wait ten business days for a investigation, that was my payroll deposit, they don't care, they won't let me get through to a live person because my account is closed, what a *** company, I have have a card with them(green dot) for 6 years but after this never again I am very pissed.

Mountain View, California, United States #1187986

I keep calling the number back but it keeps asking for an extension number. What is the extension number?


This is one card i would not recend to anyone ive been waiting for two an a half months to get back my money an nothing has been done they just put you on hold connect tou to a computer this *** sucks how woild they feel if it were them to all of you out who read reviews dont bye these cards

Raleigh, North Carolina, United States #1102762

This company closed my account erroneously with over $500.00 my card. I tried calling the general customer service number but because the foreign customer service cancelled my card, i can no longer put in my old card number and get a rep on the phone.

I HATE this company and I will NEVER recommend them to anyone.


I had over 1060 stolen from me this company is awful thanks for your post will try to speak with a supervisor


I would like to thank the person that posted this cause I had the same experience until I got this number


I have been with the company for a long time. I called to dispute a charge and was told that my card needed to be cancelled.

I ask if I could take the money off the card that was left due to business that needed to be handled that day and was not given that option. I feel so violated right now. I feel like they just took my money twice once by allowing a double charge for the same amount to be drafted from my account with in 2 days of eachother then when questioned about it they cut my card off. Now I have no access to any of my money for 2 weeks.

I am so pissed off right now this is unbelievable. No longer will be a customer of Greendot...

to Anonymous #1113457

I won't ever be a green dot customer again either. I have been waiting to get 500 dollars of my money back for over a month now.

I requested my personalized card and never got it. Requested it a 2nd time and they deactivated my temporary card so I couldn't use it or take money out.

My address was correct so there is no reason I shouldn't have gotten it and all they said I could do was wait that there weren't any other options so finally I had just told them to send me a refund check it should be here by March 1st so we will see if it shows up. Not happy.

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #929101

I got money sent to me through a money pack card and the customer service rep took all my info and told me in 2hrs but I never received my money its was Janurary 6th 2015 I spoke to green dot and the representative told me he was sorry but i was scammed out my money they told me to file a dispute but I did and there is no record all I want is my money and don't get no help.please help me

to malibu Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria #938420

Hello!my name is Rebecca ann from Indiana what did you wanna me to do for you email me or add me up on my yahoo chat at (Teresa_smith_love28@yahoo.com

to malibu Mountain View, California, United States #940830

Yeah You can get your money by email Henrycompany555@yahoo.com the nearest and fastes agent to resolve the problem

Eureka Springs, Arkansas, United States #905100

I have been scammed out of 3300.00 by green dot and a fraudulent loan company named advanced America... Any ideas on how to get my money back???

to Lisa Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria #938421

Yeah you can get ur money back.you just email me or chat with me at(Teresa_smith_love28@yahoo.com)

to Lisa #942180

Hello!my name is Rebecca ann from Indiana what did you wanna me to do for you email me or add me up on my yahoo chat at (Teresa_smith_love28@yahoo.com

to Lisa Meridian, Mississippi, United States #946993

Lisa..... The same fake advance America sent me a threatening letter....

I never responded to them and now green dot had my information and wouldn't give me my own personal card...

Something is seriously wrong with this company and walmart. I am getting an attorney...

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #894997

O too was cyber robbed and no one could give two *** *** about the people that use their dreadful service. *** bag ***'s.

I lost 175.00 *** dollars. wait these nothing they can do dafuck you mean...


I was scammed for $2300.dollars and money Pak could care less they have no Customer service. I have filed with

FTC, LOCAL POLICE, & BBB. and with small claims courts to sue moneys I pray something great comes out of this if nothing else better customer service.

to vinecrest #942182

Hello!my name is Rebecca ann from Indiana what did you wanna me to do for you email me or add me up on my yahoo chat at (Teresa_smith_love28@yahoo.com


I hate green dot. Long story but the card had $200 on it and they cancelled it with $142 still left on it and still don't have the money back.

It was their mistake and they won't resolve the issue. DONT ever use them!!!!!

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