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*****First I contact MoneyPak via the form on their website and get a response in the form of an email as follows:

"Dear xxxx xxxxxx,

We understand how this matter concerns you. In continuing effort to reduce fraud, transaction history of a MoneyPak is not disclosed. To better assist you please provide the following information:

1.     Phone Number and Email Address

2.     What is the amount added to the MoneyPak?

3.     Can you give me some details about the MoneyPak and what happened after you purchased it?

4.     Did you provide the Pin number or any other information about your MoneyPak to anyone?

5.     Do you have an active account with Green Dot or another prepaid company? (DO NOT PROVIDE CARD INFORMATION)

6.     What did you intend to use the MoneyPak for?

7.     Where did you purchase this product?


We will research your concern and contact you within 5 business days. Thanks for being a MoneyPak customer."

*****So I went ahead and responded, giving all the information they asked for:

"MoneyPak Number: xxx xxx xxxx xxxx

Amount: $225.00 USD


1. My phone number is (xxx) xxx-xxxx. My email address is

2. The amount added to the MoneyPak was $225.00 USD.

3. I purchased the MoneyPak at xxx. Waited an hour and went online to and logged in to proceed to transfer the funds from the MoneyPak onto my UPside prepaid card account. I entered the MoneyPak number on Upside's web site and a "please wait" screen came up but nothing happened. I let it sit there at the "please wait" screen for about 10 minutes until I finally closed the window. I logged back into my account on and saw that the balance on my account was still $0.00 so I figured the MoneyPak had just not gone through. Again, I entire the MoneyPak number into their web site and pressed submit. Now I get immediately get an error that says "We were unable to process your request with the information provided. Please try again or contact GreenDot at 1?866?963?6219." As of today 12/7/2013 the funds from the MoneyPak have still not been deposited into my UPside prepaid card account after originally trying to redeem the money pack on 11/24/2013. Note that I have successfully redeemed MoneyPaks through the UPside prepaid card web site many times in the past and never had a problem.

4. No I did not provide the Pin number or any other information about my MoneyPak to anyone.

5. No I do not have an active account with GreenDot, just with UPside prepaid card company.

6. I fail to see how my answering this question is going to help you locate my money that you have "misplaced", but for your edification I was planning on using the money to pay back a loan from a family member.

7. I purchased this product at a xxx store in xxxxxxxxxxxxx.


I've spoke with a GreenDot representative on the phone already and they said that the MoneyPak for $225 had indeed been redeemed to my Upside prepaid card already. So I called Upside card support and they verified that they had received no such transfer of $225.00 USD from GreenDot and also went through my account to make sure I hadn't went over any account limits, which I had not and then insisted we get on 3 way phone conversation with a customer service rep from GreenDot at which pointed she attempted to do so until the GreenDot representative hung up the phone and disconnected the call. My feeling is that if UPside never received the money, then GreenDot never sent it- either way someone is lying. I have recordings of both of these conversations (and made sure both parties were aware of my doing so before the conversation).


As of right now GreenDot has essentially stolen $225.00 from me and I would like it back as soon as possible. If that means mailing out a check to me for $225.00, then that is fine. Please make sure the check is sent via FedEx Express Overnight. If I need to call in and speak to a supervisor to get authorization for this, that is also fine- just provide me with a phone number that will allow me to speak to a real human being. The check should be made out to: xxxx xxxxxxx. And my shipping address is as follows:


xxxx xxxxxx

xxxx xxxx xxxxxx xxxxx

xxxxxxxxxx, xx xxxxx


I'm willing to do whatever needs to be done to expedite this process as quickly as possible. Please let me know what needs to be done to get my money back.


Best Regards-

xxxx xxxxxx"

*****They immediately responded with:

"Dear xxxx xxxxxx,


Thank you for providing the information requested. Please contact us at (800) 473-3636 with your Prepaid Card number or MoneyPak number for further assistance on this matter. We are open Mondays through Fridays 6:00 AM until 3:00PM PST.


Thanks for being a Moneypak customer."

*****And I did call that number and after I got off the phone I responded to the above email with this:

"Dear MoneyPak Support Team,


I did go ahead and call that number today as you suggested and received anything but further assistance. After explaining my situation to the general customer service rep and then being transferred to the dispute department so I could explain my story all over again and then being placed on hold several times for 5 minutes (one of the times which he must have forgot to press the hold button as I could hear employees having conversations and laughing in the background), I was simply (and somewhat rudely) told to just go call my prepaid card carrier (Upside Card). I explained to him that I have already contacted Upside card and they have absolutely no record of receiving the moneypak transaction even though he continued to insist that the moneypak for $225 had indeed been put into my Upside Card account. If that was true, the balance of my account should have increased by from $0 to $225 after loading the moneypak, yet almost 2 weeks later the balance still remains at $0 in my upside account. I explained to him that If I do contact Upside again all they are going to do is initiate a 3 way call right back to this phone number and we are going to end up right back where we started. Again, rudely, he just told me to call the prepaid card company offer and offered no further help or possible solutions.


Since neither Greendot nor Upside is willing to admit that one of them lost the money somehow- that doesn't leave me with a whole lot of options. Since it looks like I wont ever be seeing this $225 ever again, I guess all I can do is try my best to warn others through social media like facebook and anyone/everyone I know who uses greendot cards/moneypaks/or any other afilliated pre paid card of my experience with your company and my complete loss of $225 because neither Greendot nor Upside were willing to take fault for their mistake. Luckily I have been thoroughly documenting all communication in this situation because I somewhat presumed this was going to happen. If I can share my story online and save someone else from having go through this horrible experience and loss of money, then I suppose it was worth it. Thanks for your time.


Former MoneyPak Customer-

xxxx xxxxxx"


Product or Service Mentioned: Green Dot Moneypak Prepaid Card.

Monetary Loss: $225.

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