Excuse my language but these middle eastern bastards wont let me transfer and of my money from my account. My cards magnetic strip was damaged and did not let me take out money at any atm.

I called to see if i can get a replacementcard and they said the only way to do that was to report it lost or stolen. I said fine. They said my card would be in by the next 3 to 5 business days. From August2,2013 I've been waiting for my card.

Nothing came. Called them and and asked to be transferred to a manager. Told the manager what the last representative said to me. Manager told me that it takes 7 to 10 business days to come in.

That i won't be expecting it no later than the16th of August. She then said what she can do for v me. Was able to so a money transfer but from what the last v person told me. '' As long as i have another card with my name on it and still current.

Its possible. Told her i do but i will have to call back. I called the next day later and asked to talk to a manager. was transferred to one shortly.

As soon as i got a hold of a manager. i repeated the same *** for THE 6th time possibly more. She asked for the card number and i gave it. she said not a green dot card.

I was so upset cause i told her the last *** manager did not tell me that it needed to be a green dot card. She then said transfers was not possible that i would have to buy another green dot card in order to do a transfer. Said what the ***. Yall have all my got dam money and its bad enough as it is that i get direct deposit on that card today.

I've been needing to buy diapers for my little girl since last week and I've been borrowing money from people for the last few days because i have to deal with these pathetic ***.

They have no idea what it feels like to go too work everyday on a quarter tank borrowing money from people from work. its *** tough not getting my hard earned cash or buy food and diapers for my little girl.*** ROT IN *** YOU *** GREEDY

Product or Service Mentioned: Green Dot Moneypak Account.

Monetary Loss: $889.

  • Could not use my own money
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