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(09/24/2012 ( 9:49am)

I bought a Green Dot moneypak for $480.00 on 9/24/2012 @9:49am . I proceeded to add the funds to my Prepaid Debit Intiut card. I added all my information with the debit card number, and received a message that said "There are insufficient funds for this transaction. The balance on this Moneypak is $0.00 I tried multiple times to call and then the phone lines were down due to technical difficulties try my call at a later time. I finally was able to talk to Adam later that evening and he gave me a reference number #FP930061 to fax alone with the receipt to (1-866-963-6220) I faxed the information to this fax number late that night from my fax machine. I had to go to work for the night shift so I could not do anything till the morning.

(09/25/2012) (11:39 am)

I then called to talk to customer service who told me to fax them the receipt with a reference number they gave me. (1-866-963-6220) I faxed the receipt 3 different times from two different fax machines alone with the reference number. I have talked to 4 different people who kept telling the same thing,

"I'm so sorry this has happened"

I called again and spoke to Rachel she said they haven't received my fax yet I asked her if she went to look at the fax machine itself and she put me on hold, she asked me for the fax number that I faxed the receipt too, I gave it to her and she told me that was the wrong fax number (1-866-963-6220) she gave me another fax number (866-963-232) I said Rachel that is not a fax number it has to have 10 numbers 11numbers with the 1 in front of it, she proceeded to argued with me about the fax number. That's when I asked to speak to her supervisor. Brian in the Investigation Dept. finally pick up my call, and he asked me for the fax number I was supposed to fax the receipt too and I gave him the one I faxed it too and he said that was the correct number. 1-866-963-6220. I asked him about the fax number Rachel gave me

(866-963-232) Brian said that is NOT a fax number, I agreed with him!!

(09/25/2012) (2:35pm)

Brian has finally found my fax after 2 hours of holding on the phone with him and me literally asking him to go check every fax machine in the whole office.

Brian told me that even though they might be able to get the receipt conformed that I have made this transaction; it will still take 7-10 business days to get a check to me.

My car insurance has now gone into over draft, and has double the charges.

I'd like for Green Dot to be reasonable and reimburse me for the car insurance it's late due to their error in the moneypak process. $164.42 and going up each day as its late due to no money on debit card.

(09/26/2012 (07:58 am )

Going to call them again and start all over again today!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Green Dot Moneypak Prepaid Card.

Monetary Loss: $480.

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I too am going thru the same issue, I bought a Moneypak for $400 with cash-left the store and in less than 10 minutes, the money on the card had vanished-disappeared. I spent 7 hours that day on hold & getting passed around to different people; none of which were in this country or spoke very good English.

I even located the Corporate office in California and hit every single extension-leaving messages for the "higher-ups" so to speak. Funny how there is really no customer service, except the standard reply of "Sorry for the inconvenience I understand your problem" I told the girl that a hang nail is an inconvenience, losing my $400 is WAY more than that!! Guess what she replied? YES, you guessed right, "sorry for the inconvenience, I understand your problem" So, I still am calling, emailing, & faxing copies of receipts, copies of the MoneyPak card and so far no one has helped at all.

I think I probably will spend my day tomorrow calling the CEO, President, Treasurer, anyone I can find online that is involved with this company that works here in the USA and not some far away land, UGH! I feel your pain, this money was my money to pay bills, like water, electric, etc NO idea if this will be fixed before something gets shut off, I am a single Mom with 5 kids and I don't get any "freebies" from the Govt.

to pay my bills, just good ole me working my butt off, so is this what they call "living the dream?" Can someone wake me up from this nightmare please? TY for listening~~~Sincerely, "Sad & Broke Mom"


Green dot and Money pak can stop thinking there is anything more they cn do or me, as I never should have had to wait 3 days to have my funds available to me in the first place. If there is anything you want to do, then make sure this never happens again to anyone else.

As for me I will never buy another money pak. My employees is the one who decided to get me this pay debit e to having card so my direct deposit would go through faster. Only reason I did not have the direct deposit on my card was he was out of the country and had no way to take care of the deposits at the time.

I never expected such a thing in my life, as I am not use to having my bills late cause of such a lame reason. Those companies thought I had to be lying and it has caused me a lot of issues now as far as trust again.

What will Money Pak or Green Dot do about that??


Hi bk... sorry to inform you but you are wasting your time with moneypak customer service.

I think they have been trained to give people the run around. Unfortunately this same thing has happened to me on this same date. But fortunately for me it was only 100 dollars. This money was going to be used to pay a bill so it also put me behind.

Someone suggested to me on another website at which I also complained (I have been going to them all) that you need to contact the greendot corporation instead at 8666524611. You may be put on hold a couple of times but keep calling (and their wait time is not the famous 20 Min at moneypak and they never get back to you.)Anyway I called and was greeted pleasantly by an american voice who immediately told me to "email" my receipt instead of "fax". At that instant I knew things had made a turn for the better. She instructed me to call back as soon as I do which I am about to do, however after reading your distress I had to pass it on.

Also this

is the last money pak I will EVER purchase. I suggest walking physically in Walmart and letting the cashier upload it for you if it is necessary that you use it.

It should be that way anyway at Walgreens and CVS. That is the last scam card for me!

to kgori #666573
:grin thank you for posting the # i just spoke with a nice man too... they are looking into it...

the last Bi rep said we should file a police report she was not helpful at all... this guy was very nice and I have hope now of getting my $500 refund
Green Dot Corporation

We apologize for any difficulties brought on by this experience. If there was an issue with the MoneyPak you purchased, we can verify the load and make the funds available.

We understand customer’s need to have access to their funds and do our best to make it an uncomplicated process. If you still need assistance, please contact the MoneyPak helpline at 866-963-6219.

to Green Dot Corporation #666558
:( Been waiting for a refund for wayyyyy to long - just called the # you suggested (its diff than the one I have) and its not in service. $500 is just gone or so you'd like us to believe.

Can't get through to customer service with out a # which I used every one on the receipt. The customer service reps are clueless and nasty!

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