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I purchased a green dot card on 9.5.13 to pay my electric bill. .

I come home to scratch off the back of cards and try load the money only to here invalid number. ..I called and was told this *** story about a block on the card and they need 24hrs to resolve it... I called today 9.6.13 and still nothing. ..

im so *** pissed I have found the corporate office number left a message demanding a call back.

I also found the ceo name steve streit and john c ricci general counsel Im Taking my *** to the news station and getting an attorney. ..when im done rite,cvs,Walmart and anyone else dumb enough to keep selling these scam money pak cards will wish they never had.

Monetary Loss: $819.

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disont worry,I want to know everyone who was taken by this company greendot corporation,they will not get away with this.I bought my first one today i will see what happens with it,they will be held accountable,look me up email rhgxlt1@yahoo.com,thanks

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