I just lost $410 dollars on their money pak ***!!! I'm furious!!

That money was to be loaded for my son's college emergency fund. Now I can't retrieve any of the money!!! Is it legal to run a service dealing with money, this improperly? I wish I could get a live person to answer my questions.

It seems that automated tellers are all that answer the phones!!! This is one of the reasons that doing business over the phone is not what its cracked up to be.

Too many companies take the customer for granted. Either that, or they're just some strait up crooks!!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $410.

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San Diego, California, United States #693999

It makes me wonder how they can spend 45MM on a new space in Pasadena for their business yet cannot refund the people in complaints for $24k (on this website alone).


I'd suggest getting a debit/credit card for him after you get this sorted out. Greendot, Walmart prepaid, etc.

etc. are all the biggest loads of cramp I have ever seen.

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