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On 11/08/2013 I purchased a green dot money pack to reload a card I had reveived with my irs return. When I attempted to reload the card I was informed the card I had could not be reloaded with a moneypac even though it had the reload symbol and used "moneypacs" to reload through another company.

I called green dot explaining my error and requested a refund. I spent several minutes providing my personal information spelled out alphabetically and phonetically and was informed my refund check would be received by mail in 9 to 12 business days. I expressed my dismay at the long return time (it can take less than 5 days to receive an individualized custom card) but was told there were in other options and that was how long it would take. I patiently waited the 12 business days before calling green dots refund department as no check was in my mail.

As I was explaining my dilemma and asking where my refund was my personal information. ie my name, address, moneypac number, we're being verified again alphabetically and again phonetically to "John" who sounded like someone of Philipino descent. As we finished the last repeat of my moneypac number john informs me my refund is now processed and I will receive my refund check on Dec. 11 or in 9 to 12 business days.

I said john you misunderstood me this was processed 2 weeks ago and should be here now. What do you mean I have to wait 2 more weeks. He informed me he had nothing in my file to indicate a prior refund request had been processed. So u asked why he had a file on me in his refund department if I hadn't requested one.

To this he had no answer instead he kept repeating my check would arrive by Dec 11. I asked to speak to his supervisor and was told none were available and advised to call customer service. I asked him to transfer my call to them which he started to do then informed me he didn't have their number. Now how do you work for a corporation as large and complex as green dot is in a department that is basically customer service and not have their number?

This I asked him. He placed me in hold for a minute and when he returned he provided me with an 800 number which I verified with him repeating it 3 times as I wrote it down. When I called the number I was connected to a "hot chat line" press one to speak with a sexy man or two to speak with a hot woman.

I rechecked the number in case I had misdialed and had not.

I then retrieved another number for Green Dot customer service from the internet. I spoke with a pleasant and very apologetic female who verified my information again then informed me there was nothing else she could do about my money or the wrong phone number but she would put a note in my file. I said this is unacceptable and that I intended to make a formal complaint and share my experience online and requested she take a copy if our recorded conversation and send it to her managers and administrators. She asked me to hold "for less than 10 minutes while she located her supervisor.

I spoke with another female and was again apologized to but there was nothing else they could do to expedite things and she " guaranteed " I would receive my refund by or on Dec 11. This of course does nothing to resolve the problem which is either a sign of incompetence or a deliberate act to delay disbursement at my expense.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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