Someone pretending to be attorney Scott Frxxx from Regional/National Check Fraud (8667087022) will tell you to pay x amount of dollars on the spot by putting it on a gren dot money pak card. This will supposedly keep you from getting served with a bench warrant for criminal check fraud on an old payday loan.

He has since removed the spoofed NCF site and disconnected the 8667087022 number like the coward he is. Money Pak knows the recipient that received my 400 dollars they refused to tell me. I filed a police report with a local officer and they gave him the run around. All of these individuals need prison time!!

Money Pak is just as guilty for covering and not helping reveal the source to an officer.

Don't use MonPak!! Run!!

Monetary Loss: $400.

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Green Dot Corporation
Pasadena, California, United States #683687

We understand that being the victim of a scam due to a legal threat can be a difficult situation. Green Dot's MoneyPak product is to be used as a “cash top-up card” that consumers can use to reload prepaid debit cards, add money to their PayPal account, or make same-day payments to approved MoneyPak partners.

Unfortunately, in some cases, it is also used as a tool for scammers to illegally take money from people. We don't want customers to fall for these scams and that is why Green Dot is committed to educating consumers about how to avoid being victims of financial fraud scams and works closely with law enforcement to help enhance these efforts. Green Dot continues to make vigorous efforts to remind consumers never to give their MoneyPak number to anyone that isn’t on MoneyPak’s approved list of partners. Consumers are encouraged to immediately report fraudulent activity to Green Dot by calling 1-800-GREENDOT (800-473-3636) so we can attempt to recover any funds that have not already been removed by a scammer and can continue working with law enforcement to identify the origin of these activities and these abuses.

For law enforcement requests, we work with the law enforcement requests directly.

to Green Dot Corporation Atlanta, Georgia, United States #751278
I purchased a card 11/22/2013 loaded my money on my card and it was stolen I sent my,receipt and moneypak numbers to moneypakdispute and I was told it would be 5 business days before I hear back from them. Im waiting still :cry

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