My father is mixed up in a Jamaican Lottery scam. We found out that he is using Green Dot to send money to the scammers.

I was on the phone for 30 minutes before I actually talked to a live person. The first person who spoke broken english would not help me and transfered me back to the automated answering service. I had to call back to get out of that and spent another 15 minutes trying to talk to a live person. When I did reach customer service, I couldn't understand that person either and asked to be transfered to someone higher up the ladder.

On hold for another 10 minutes and a "customer service specialist" who also spoke broken english with a hard to understand accent would not help me either. I asked to speak to her supervisor. On hold another 20 minutes. She came back on the line and said she could not help me.

These people are helping scammers get away with millions and don't want to lose their sales or transfer fees.

As far as I'm concerned, they are no better than the scammers themselves. Beware!

Product or Service Mentioned: Green Dot Moneypak Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States #735145

This same *** just happen to me yesterday

Green Dot Corporation
Pasadena, California, United States #677904

MoneyPak works as a “cash top-up card” that consumers can use to reload prepaid debit cards, add money to their PayPal account, or make same-day payments to approved MoneyPak partners. Green Dot is committed to educating consumers about how to avoid being victims of scams and we work closely with law enforcement to help enhance these efforts.

A fraud warning is included on the MoneyPak package and information on protecting yourself from fraud, including common scams, is available on the MoneyPak website. When using MoneyPak, consumers should first verify the recipient is on the list of approved partner companies listed on the MoneyPak website, and never provide MoneyPak information to an individual person requesting it as a form of payment. MoneyPaks are to be treated like cash and we are not able to guarantee a refund of a used MoneyPak. We will assist in cases of potential fraud and will do our best to recover funds.

If you started a claim, please send any requested documents so we can investigate.

For approved MoneyPak partners and other information on using MoneyPak, go to www.MoneyPak.com.

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