I use my green dot card to put money on the phone to talk to my fiancé in jail. I loaded money using a money pak card about 4-5 times a week.

Well I put 100$ on money pak and went to upload it to my card and they automatically transferred me to customer service where they then told me I was uploading the card too much. How the *** is that possible when the packaging on the card says FOR EVERYDAY USE. So now I have 100$ on a money pak card in which apparently they're going to send me a check for. I can't use green dot at all they said.

All bc I used it TOO MUCH? These ppl are effing ridiculous.

A scam if I've ever seen one. And if they don't send me my check then they're really in for it!!!!

Monetary Loss: $100.

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The same thing happened to me. I was doing absolutely nothing fraudulent or unusual!

I called them several times, and they continuously gave me the runaround and even changed their story for why I was not able to use it... I never got a straight answer from them. They just said it was to protect my security. Really?!

That's insanely absurd, my security is fine.


She strange reason also, they do ban you; they should be sued as I cannot even use the money paks on other cards...so Green dot obviously puts your name on a black list to prevent you from further using money pak cards. I know because I've tried, and cannot load a moneypak on any other cards...so that is exactly what they did, what right does moneypak/greendot have to ban someone from using a moneypak on another card outside of a greendot? I hope they get sued.

Green Dot Corporation
Pasadena, California, United States #759295

Circumstances which would call for a block or closure vary depending on the card type and the activity. If your account was closed due to unusual activity, we are not able to provide specific details on what caused us to make the decision to close the account for security.

In most cases we will allow access to the funds on the card because we know customers need access to their funds.

Unfortunately, we can’t allow further reloading activity or to open new accounts once a customer’s account has been flagged for closure.

to Green Dot Corporation #843695

Would I be able to purchase a money pak for my PayPal account?

to Green Dot Corporation #843850

Money pak is piece of ***! Be company!

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