I am completely livid about this experience with Moneypak and I will not allow them to get away with it. I work hard for my money just like everyone else in this country. I was told multiple times I would get a refund of my money and after the phone call I just had with them this is the last straw. With this many complaints, if we all band together something can be done. I am very serious about this lawsuit and I will make this a reality with everything in my power. Please email me if you would like to join PrincessCatie14@hotmail.com

I Will NEVER Use Moneypak Or Greendot Again.

Monetary Loss: $220.

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I purchased a moneypak at 7 eleven....and it baskcally doesnt work and im out 250$.......7 eleven needs to be accountable because they are selling fraudulent products


I am being scammed too. My money is not usable and is stuck. 250$


I would like to know what phone number you used to talk to an actual person. I have tried calling numerous times to discuss a refund request I made over a moneypak I purchased while being scammed while on vacation.

I never revealed the moneypak number to the scammer thank goodness...I saw the red flag before that happened. I was told it would be five business days and someone would be in touch with me regarding my fraud/refund request, yet no one has contacted me as of yet.

I am dealing with a potential $425 loss. If this is not remedied within the next week by Moneypak/Green Dot, I too will be looking at taking legal action against the corporation.


I am in tears because I am about to lose my car, my ctedit score is taking major hits because I am now behond in my bills due to greendot robbing me of $745. Its disgusting that they are getting away with this and I am a firm believer that together some justice can come out of this.

I cant give my lenders or comcast Greendots number and have them explain why they dont have a payment yet. This is embarrassing and highly frustrating.

I dont know much about starting a suit but I am all in on bringing this company down. Please text or email me 2245583228 wooten.shavanna@outlook.com.


I am too looking to file. I’ve lost 100.00 and want to know how to get the ball rolling. 6783687591


I emailed you please email me back jasminemlee1982@gmail.com I lost 200.00 and two days of pay


Me too. I lost $150.00. they don't respond to me inquires


I just paid $400 in cash to put on a moneypak card to send funds to my sister to help her move. The funds were taken the same day off the card by someone portraying to be a moneypak customer service rep with a near identical 1-866-795-XXXX phone number.

Green Dot will not refund my money. Their website isn't working that allows you to activate your card, forcing you to reach out to someone by phone to activate it.

I feel they are 100% liable for this loss. Please include me!booth55434@gmail.com


I have been trying to get my money back since March 26th 2018, and I have called and called and get the same result. Please contact me to be in on the class action.septemberbrooks@email.grcc.edu


i see that we've all experienced some issues with moneypak cards and the lack of customer service ( 1-866-795-7597). I've had 3 cards that kept saying invalid number and 2 currently that i'm having issues with.

I've tried calling their customer service number and there's no live person to help.

If you fail to choose one of the options they offer (press 1 for whatever, press 2 for whatever) is to speak to a live person so if you press 0 or wait to see if you get a live person. Does anyone have a number for moneypak in which they were able to speak to a live person?


www.peaceandbenefits.comI did have an issue with moneypak cards I purchased. After waiting the 20 minutes to add to a card online, I kept receiving notice it was invalid.

I was sent back to the merchant who sent me to a third party who sent me to Green dot. It was many hours before I received a resolution. In the end, I was told my card couldn't receive the deposit. They are sending me a refund of two cards.On the third card, I sternly notified them that if I didn't receive my funds for that card immediately that I would have my attorney contact them.

I asked for the information for their legal department or who handled correspondence from an attorney. They connected me to a supervisor immediately who worked on de-escalating the call. I have previous experience in corporations working in customer service.I notified the supervisor that I was 100% serious about contacting my attorney if she didn't find a resolution soon. They asked me to send receipt, picture of moneypak car, my ID, and the card I could put it on.

Instead of purchasing a green dot card, I had them deposit it to the Wal-Mart card the father of my daughter has. It was deposited hours later. I am still waiting for my checks to arrive. I happened to purchase a card today that later I found claimed they couldn't verify my identity.

It told me that I can only make in person transactions.I will never use them again, but I just wanted to let you know that you can have access to attorneys nationwide for a small monthly fee. You can have a law firm in your pocket and be able to have worry less and live more! This service has saved me thousands of dollars throughout the years.When I say I will contact my attorney, it is nice to know that I actually do have a network of provider law firms nationwide that our members have access to. I can give you countless membership stories, but sometimes you just have to look around yourself and do your own research.

I kind of wish I would have seen this before I didn't Google it before.The point is companies should be held to the terms of their contracts whether we research them or not. Many times companies know that we won't go pat an attorney $150 to $350 an hr for a small claims issue. They also know many times we are not in a position to. I am just saying that sometimes we don't seek legal help because we cannot afford it.

We let the small issues go. A few dollars here and there or the time a company screwed us and we felt we were right. I have seen people get legal help on a dollar issue. That is how we create change!

We level the playing field.

We provide access to in an industry that used to be reserved to only those that could afford it. Now, you can protect yourself and family for a small monthly fee and feel confident in the peace the benefits provide.

to Natalie Ramirez Tomich #1527743

How did you get in contact with them?


I loaded 100 moneypak on a rush card yesterday morning. It still have not loaded to my card.

I dialed moneypak and since I don't have a green Dot card I can't get through the line. Fked up


Just lost 800 dollars to Moneypak and because I don't have an in network card, the automated system just sends me through a constant loop when selecting options. Pissed TF off!!!!!


With all of us that together we should be able to do something!!! Lets get this going!!

We cant let them get away with all of our money!! Text me (509)608-6558


Iam out of 1800 dollars literally. Moneypak has taken my money and claiming each moneypak card is invalid i want to file a lawsuit immediately.

I am beyond pissed off after sending them photos of my id receipts and photos of the back of the moneypak cards they requested. This company are scam artist


They just stole 500 from me. I’m in!


I am in, my 250 lost. Many calls and they even block my number.

More than a month now. Scam.


Im out $500 lets get these bastards


I just lost 500 from them my name is Julie Lovett that was my money to get a place we just moved to angel fire I need my money I am ready to sue I have all my receipts

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