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Do not fall victim to this scam. The really bad thing about this is that Greendotcorp refused to refund me my $1,q500 that I lost in this scam I'm retired veteran and I lived on fixed income.

One would think that once greendot fraud division was aware of this type of scam they work closely with the local or federal authorities to end it and take whatever measures necessary to refund or financially compensate victims.

One could only hope. I know that various departments within greendot don't talk to each, neither do reps in the same department because I've received 8 emails from the exact same department but different people all asking for the same information.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, United States #835195

It is not Greed Dot's fault that you are an ***. When someone buys a moneypak they have no way of knowing it is being used in an ebay scam.

You sent the money - you take the loss. Any *** would know not to buy a car, sight unseen, with an untraceable form of payment. The 'Free Shipping', 'Free 30 Day Trial' and 'Free Return if you don't like it' should have been a dead give away that it is fraud. 'You send me thousands of dollars and I'll send you a car.

Honest, I will'. Honestly, only an *** would fall for that. Did they give a reason for selling at half of it's Kelley Blue Book Value? Let me guess - Divorce, Military transfer overseas, Grandma needs meds,....

they're all classic fraudster ploys. You need to wise up and stop blaming everyone else for your idiocy.

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