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I have tried all day to verify a login account for my husband. I get code to my phone, I send back YES but never goes any further.

I have tried using my name & email it will tell me account already verified. If i try to login with my info it says no such account. I'm extremely frustrated now. Why is this not working?!!?

I called GreenDot, I'm told its all done online. NOTHING IS BEING DONE THATS THE PROBLEM HERE!!

I hate using GreenDot because noone ever wants to help, but my husband does. SMH

Product or Service Mentioned: Green Dot Moneypak Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Green Dot Moneypak Cons: Ni customer service noone knows what to do.

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Same here. If I ever get past their stupid log in I’m absolutely never using MoneyPak again


Don't use it, it's bulls***, I can't even send money to my niece, who is traveling and is currently located in Western Europe, while I am located in the United States!! Thanks a bunch MoneyPak for taking my $5.95 fee at 7-11 where I spent $100 to load a MoneyPak card, as I await my refund because your automated system WILL NOT successfully recognize my personal information when attempting to register an account via their secure login!

his company is careless and is ZERO help. GREED, GREED, GREED, GREEDY PIGS!


Exactly! Dont use this so-called "service!"


Same problem here! Never using Green dot or Moneypak products ever again! Cryptocurrency is soooo much easier, faster and cheaper to send $$!


I'm having the same exact issue. And once you scratch the back of card, no refund from the store who sold it to you. Were you able to log back in


My insurance is going to expire cause green dot got my $. Tied up &.

I can’t get no help. It’s. Been almost 4 hrs I’ve. Been in Walmart fussing with them, on the *** of possibly going 2.

Jail for causing a commotion!!! In store. All...... because it’s unfair.

That they got my $$$. But I can’t get it ! Smh !!!

I just might. Commit suicide due to this issue


Get refund from Green Dot Moneypak. They send refund check in a week.


Yeah its some straight *** Ghetto business. Greendot is the worse


over 4 hours on hold today trying to get help with same issue. No answer, no help.

keep getting locked out for too many attempts, and they'll send me info in email and to my old phone in 8 hours...poor customer service, poor support, poor poor poor. -Frustrated in California.


same thing here, have to buy a moneypak card to deposit cash into a greendot account. created a secure login, and now cant login.

i work in I.T. and trust me, its not me. they took the money then dont let you access it.

all customer service is overseas. avoid this at all costs


I'm going through the same thing. no one can help so I just don't understand why they have a customer service line besides to tell you its all online. ive been texting yes for over a month just trying to get a response if u figure out a way email me at ccj32992@***.com


I have the same problem. Did you ever get this resolved?


My account says can't verify me and makes me refund my money


I had the same issue. I was ready to pull my hair out and in tears.

After searching everywhere I could on the web I found this number 989459**** on a forum. And behold, they mailed me a refund by paper check.

Relief!! To say the least.


I'm having the same problem!! What do I do??


I agree I'm having similar issues with my verification as well. When they give you the option to refresh you press it and it does not refresh something needs to be done about this site ASAP!!!


was this ever solved for you? im going through the same problem now


Yes purchased a moneypakcard and I go to make my profile and it gets to the point where they say put phone number so they can send verification code and still received no code after days of calling and calling and green dot NO HELP SO

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